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Rainbow International Charity Volunteers

Rainbow International Charity is a non-profit organization registered in England and Wales that operates in both London and the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) in Africa. We focus on providing health and opportunities for underprivileged girls, young women, and their families in DRC. 

1996 the charity was formed to develop ways to change lives in DRC collectively. The charity responded to the growing number of girls and young women not attending school due to financial difficulties. The girl’s exclusion from vital education in the Democratic Republic of Congo sparked a movement and program of supporting girls and their families in their quest to complete primary education.



We hope to provide financial and social support for girls to attend and thrive in primary and secondary school and our university, perhaps, one day. We have several teachers who no longer work but have kindly volunteered to provide support in business training, finance, nursing, and support for young women to access higher education and employment opportunities once they complete our programme.

Thanks to the donations received, the charity will select several young women to sponsor their education for three terms each year. In addition, we also work on empowering young women, providing medication for health problems such as menstruation(menstrual difficulties), affected pregnancy, childbirth, babies, and affected children.

Within this broad spectrum of supported health, we aim to prevent disease, disability and alleviate physical disability.



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