We are Rainbow international charity, a non-profit organisation who have independently raised over £24,000 since 2015 with the aim to relieve homeless persons and children, provide support to victims of abuse and unfair treatment and to support those with mental health issues. We operate globally but mainly reside in Congo, Burundi, Angola, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda Indonesia and London.

The charity has been running for over 20 years, and began in London, but our work is now focused in remote areas of Africa, particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Indonesia.

The DRC has 26 provinces, and a population of over 80 million people. An estimated over 15 million people including children have died from war, malnutrition and disease. (Two million people are internally displaced; one million have received absolutely no assistance.) As a result of militia attacks, further people have been forced to flee into the jungle or neighboring countries.

A majority of schools within each region, have been destroyed or closed affecting children in the provinces. In both Kasai, and Lubumbashi, the source of these cities’s staple food of fish, rice and maize; and now food supplies are scarce and very expensive.


Those who are employed are not paid any salaries, and the Government does not provide.Our long term objectives include the provision of food, producing resources to both the local and refugee populations, to establish an educational facility for children, and building medical hospitals in populated regions.

We need your help.