In Kasai alone UN have found 43 mass graves, more than 1500 people killed by a militia group known as Kamwina Nsapu and the government militia called Bana Mura. Both have displaced 1,500,000 people leaving no option but to escape into the jungle or neighbouring countries.

As a result of the militia attacks, schools have been destroyed and permanently closed resulting in children as young as 5yrs old roaming the streets and being forced to work.

An estimated 2.5 million children have died from malnutrition and disease since the outbreak of Africa’s first World Ware in 1960.

Now that the cease-fire is holding, our local group based in Lubumbashi are ideally situated to rapidly distribute food and medical equipment brought overland from Zambia and London to 4,000 people live in nearby refugee camps within 20 miles of Lumbabashi.


Families and vulnerable people  have fled from villages further north in Kivu and along lake Tanganika, where the fighting has now halted about 250 miles away from Lubumbashi. These villages were the source of much of this city’s staple food of fish, rice and maize; now food supplies are scarce and very expensive..

Please help us to provide the emergency relief that is desperately needed to stop starvation and the ignored suffering which is currently . Our longer- term objectives include the provision of food, producing resources to both the local and refugee populations.

We need your help