Project 1 

Year Project Launched: Jan 2006- April 2008 

Project: Built a School 

Project value: £15,000.00

In 2006 we built a primary school in Kinkole within the capital city of kinshasa. This project took us over a year to build, with the help of donations from around the world we were able to pay 5 local builders £10per day which sounds a little but to them it helped feed their families of 5 or more.

Now in 2017 as shown below, the building needs an urgent refurbishment. 


Project 2

Year Project Launched: Jan



Project: Portable Bus Learning 

Project fundraising target: £13,536 

Portable Bus Learning is a project we have launched which aims at teaching children from the age of 6-10years old for 1 year, in waiting for the School refurbishment in Kinshasa to be completed. 

Education is a key element in a childs life, the Portable Bus Learning project allows us to hire a 16 seated bus as well as a teacher to conduct lessons 5 days a week to 320 students. Children struggle to attend school due to war, kidnappings and simply not able to afford school fees. Our project enables us to bring the school to communities and allows us, to conduct lessons on the bus to keep children safe and provide a small meal.

To help please contact us on info@rainbowinternational-chairty, any donations or advice would be appreciated. 


Project 2

Year Project Launched: March


Project: Coronavirus 

What are we doing to support those effected by the coronavirus.


The recent coronavirus outbreak has left the world stunned although it hasn't hit Africa as hard yet we are in the process of doing what we can to aid to those in London. Following Government guidance to stay home and avoid outdoor activities to control the spread of the virus we are focused on;


  1. The elderly and vulnerable – for individuals who struggle to obtain simple necessities we offer to collect toiletries, fresh or basic items such as food and medication from restaurants local shops and supermarkets and even coffee shops.

  2. Mental health support – during such unprecedented times self-isolation can be a negative factor and the simple service of offering companionship through our helpline and our online platform we are able to keep in touch with individuals who need regular interaction most.

  3. Rough sleepers – whether you are homeless or have been recently evicted we offer support in the form of signposting those in need to local authorities or collaborative charities offering a way off the streets.

To help please contact us on info@rainbowinternational-chairty, any donations or advice would be appreciated.